World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling

2016 World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling


The 2016 International Conference of the Resource Modeling Association was held during June 14 – 17 in Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.A. “Quantitative Modeling for Managing Natural Resources in an Era of Climate Change” was the theme of this conference. Four keynote speakers addressed the use of mathematical models to study biodiversity and the effects of climate change on various ecosystems and offer recommendations for managing them in a sustainable manner.

Flagstaff is situated on a high plateau near the base of the San Francisco Peaks and also within easy driving distance of the Grand Canyon. A highlight of the conference was an excursion to Grand Canyon National Park on a warm to hot sunny day under a clear blue sky where delegates participated in sightseeing and hiking. The conference banquet was held in the park where the inaugural Lamberson Medal was presented.

Conference Organizers:
Bob Fray, Furman University
Catherine Roberts, College of the Holy Cross

Scientific Committee
Luc Doyen, Bordeaux University
Wayne Getz, University of California, Berkeley
Ted Melis, Southwest Biological Science Center

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