SIAM DSWeb Magazine now online

The next issue of DSWeb Magazine is now online with the new DSWeb platform at!
Inside this issue of DSWeb Magazine:
· DSWeb 2.0—We Have Lift-Off!
· SIAM Fellows 2016 Class Includes Dynamical Systems Experts
· A Conversation with Crawford Prize Winner Arnd Scheel
· An Introduction to Topological Data Analysis
· Profile of UC Davis PhD Student Kelly Finn
· Highlights from the 2016 SIAM Annual Meeting
· Report on the Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Using Dynamical Systems Techniques Conference
· Report on Dynamics at the Biology and Medicine Through Mathematics Conference
· Review of Roberts’s Model Emergent Dynamics in Complex Systems
· Recently Published Books in Dynamics
· Recent SIADS publications.
· Professional opportunities in dynamical systems.
· Conferences and workshops on dynamical systems.