Short term position for Python programmer at CSIRO

CSIRO is searching for a Python programmer who has 30-50 days (full time equivalent) available before 30 June 2021 to complete some well defined tasks.  CSIRO has funding but we don’t have an available Python programmer. Assuming it was a 40 day project work could be done at say 50% full-time load (about 3.5 hours per day) over 80 days, so it does not require a full-time commitment, and could suit a PhD candidate looking for a short-term position.  Briefly, we want to characterise gaps (mainly cloud) in Sentinel-2 satellite remote sensing data for Australia at 5-day, 10-day, 15-day, 20-day and monthly time-steps since its launch.  Then as there will be some gaps (e.g., sugar growing areas around Cairns in summer) develop relationships between Sentinel-1 (C-band radar so not impacted by cloud) and cloud-free Sentinel-2 observations and use those relationships to infill the gaps in Sentinel-2 data. Both Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 data are available on GEE.  If the person has Google Earth Engine (GEE) experience that would be an advantage, though not necessary.

Dr Tim R. McVicar
Principal Research Scientist
Ecohydrological Time-Series Remote Sensing Team Leader
CSIRO Land and Water

Phone:  (02) 6246-5741  / e-mail: