Quantitative Vegetation Ecologist and emerging science leader, at CSIRO, Perth Australia

As the Quantitative Vegetation Ecologist, you will join the Adaptive Ecosystem Management team within CSIRO’s Land and Water business unit.  This team is primarily based in Perth and Canberra, and you will interact with other teams within CSIRO who are geographically dispersed throughout Australia. 

You will contribute initially to a range of current projects with large government and private sector clients, integrating existing contemporary data streams and ecological knowledge to model potential for a carbon methodology to achieve carbon, biodiversity and Indigenous livelihood benefits; and analysing long-term monitoring data to evaluate ecological outcomes of environmental stewardship interventions. You will identify and develop relevant research projects with industry and government in Western Australia and nationally, with a strong customer and impact focus. You will have a track record in demonstrating a considerable degree of originality, creativity and innovation in solving problems and introducing new directions and approaches. 

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