Postdoctoral scholar in fisheries science

Announcement of Postdoctoral Research Opportunity

May 8, 2021

Pacific hake trophic modeling

The University of Washington, in collaboration with the Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC), seeks a postdoctoral scholar in fisheries science. The postdoctoral scholar will collaborate with researchers from the NWFSC’s Fisheries Resource Analysis and Monitoring Division (FRAM) and the Conservation Biology (CB) Divisions, to develop and implement a CEATTLE (Climate-Enhanced, Age-based model with Temperature-specific Trophic Linkages and Energetics) ecosystem model for Pacific hake and krill in the California Current Ecosystem. Investigating the relationships between hake trophic interactions and population dynamics is an important research need for stock assessment and ecosystem-based management, and this postdoctoral project will contribute to a better understanding of the role of Pacific hake in the California Current Ecosystem.

The main responsibility of the postdoctoral scholar will be to quantify the relationship of hake consumption to prey availability, including specific prey items such as small hake and krill, to more accurately assess hake growth, mortality, and recruitment to inform models for stock assessment. This will be accomplished by developing a CEATTLE (Climate-Enhanced, Age-based model with Temperature-specific Trophic Linkages and Energetics) ecosystem model with newly available hake diet data. The postdoctoral scholar will also be responsible for writing one to two scientific papers documenting the hake CEATTLE model and the influence of hake cannibalism on its population dynamics. If time and funds permit, the postdoctoral scholar may increase the model complexity by adding more predator and prey species or/and integrate the results of the CEATTLE model with the models currently used for hake stock assessment and management strategy evaluation.

The anticipated start date is May 25, 2021, but this is negotiable. The initial appointment is for 1 year, with reappointment possible pending performance review and funding availability. Applications should be submitted by May 18, 2021, but the position will remain open until filled. The post-doc will be supervised by Dr. André Punt (University of Washington) and will primarily collaborate with Drs. Melissa Haltuch, Kristin Marshall, Isaac Kaplan, Elizabeth Phillips (Northwest Fisheries Science Center) and Kirstin Holsman (Alaska Fisheries Science Center).

QUALIFICATIONS: Earned Ph.D. in Fisheries Science, Quantitative Ecology, Applied Statistics or a related field; experience or training in fish population dynamics, modelling structured populations, bioenergetics, multispecies, or ecosystem models, and simulation experiments; proficiency in programming languages such as R, and/or related applications such as AD Model Builder, Template Model Builder and Stock Synthesis; ability to work in a collaborative environment.

LOCATION: Seattle, WA (telework initially)

TO APPLY: Submit your application through Interfolio ( with the following: (1) A letter of interest detailing your skills and experience. (2) A curriculum-vitae including publications. (3) Three letters of recommendation.