Postdoctoral fellow opportunity at the Australian Institute of Marine Science Quantitative Decision Science

The Modelling and Decision Support (M&DS) team delivers solution science. This strategic growth area for AIMS produces evidence-based science and advice for internal and external customers. As our Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantitative Decision Science/Operations Research, you will fill the most urgent and critical element of AIMS’ capacity development in decision support. You will extend AIMS’ modelling capability to help tackle complex decision problems for marine science, management and policy. In this role you will join AIMS’ multi-disciplinary team of oceanographic, biological and ecological modellers, and with national and international collaborators in the fields of engineering, economics. business strategy and social sciences. You will do so by integrating advanced quantitative and analytical decision analyses (mathematics, statistics, programming, data science, machine learning) to help identify optimal solutions to complex, multi-objective decision problems in linked social-ecological systems such as the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo.