PhD Positions available at the University of Florida (USA)

We are looking for highly motivated students to investigate greenhouse

gas emissions in Southeastern Florida grasslands within the framework of a USDA project. Multiple topics are available and can further be determined by discussion of the candidate with the principal investigators of the project: 1) Field measurements of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide) in order to understand emission responses to management practices and to climate variability and change 2) Laboratory experiments to track microbial greenhouse gas production in response to warming and rainfall variability 3) Field and lab measurements of microbial community carbon consumption and enzyme expression 4) Development and application of numerical models that quantify microbial production of greenhouse gases under global change factors. The work is highly collaborative, and we seek students who have interest and motivation to shape a thesis that cuts across these broad themes and investigation techniques. Students will enroll in the Soil and Water Science Program, with tuition waver and assistantship. Positions begin in August 2016. If this sparked your interest, we are looking forward answer further question and/or receive your application. Instructions on how to apply can be found on <sgerber Patrick Inglett, <pinglett Maria Silveira, <mlas Kanika Inglett >kanika>