Prize winners Bordeaux 2015

Prof Roberts with student prize winners – Bordeaux 2015

Our journal, Natural Resource Modeling, has done it again!
Our 2014 Impact Factor continues to rise, this time to 1.196 [ISI Journal Citation Reports © Rankings: 2014: 43/99 (Mathematics Interdisciplinary Applications); 147/221 (Environmental Sciences)]. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful and important it is for you to promote our journal – make researchers aware of it, encourage your colleagues to submit papers, and reference articles we publish whenever appropriate. If you are at a meeting and hear of research that seems appropriate, please reach out to the speakers and make sure they are aware of our journal. Let them know that early-career scientists who identify themselves to me will enjoy extra support (more detailed referee reports, assistance on editing) to help them launch their careers.

A Special Issue on Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics, edited by Shandelle Henson, Jim Cushing, and Jim Hayward will close our 28th volume. In their introduction, in which they point to Pelletier, F., Garant, D., and Hendry, A.P. 2009. Eco-evolutionary dynamics. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Bioi Sci. 364: 1483-1489. doi:10.1098/ rstb.2009.0027, the editors state: It is only recently that evolutionary biologists have developed techniques to measure selection, fitness and genetic variance for fitness-related traits in wild populations. Application of these and other techniques, together with laboratory experiments, have fostered the emerging field of eco-evolutionary dynamics under the realization that ecological and microevolutionary processes can occur on the same time scale, that important feedbacks couple these processes toge t her, and that Darwin’s “daily and hourly scrutinizing” can be directly perceived.

We thank editor Graciela Canziani for her service. After the New Year, we will thank some long-serving editors for their tremendous dedication to the journal and announce some new additions to help us address growing submissions in emerging scientific areas.

If you are involved in organizing events at your home disciplinary meetings, please work with me to ensure that we are bringing our journal to the attention of your professional community.

Some questions have been brought to me about membership in the society. Membership in the Resource Modeling Association includes expedited reviews of manuscripts you submit to our journal. It also includes online access to our journal. If you do not know how to access this, please send an email request to Gayle Scaramozza, Membership Services Specialist, We have a new managing editor at Wiley named Golda Thomas and are looking forward to our continued relationship with our publishing house.

It was great seeing many of you at the 2016 World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling in Flagstaff, Arizona in June. The student talks were outstanding and have become a feature of RMA meetings. Please encourage your students to join us in Barcelona during June next year!