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World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling

Dear Colleagues,

You are kindly invited to participate in the World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling, to be held at HEC Montréal, Canada ( on May 22-24, 2019.

For additional information on invited speakers, venue, submission, etc., please visit the Conference’s website:

We look forward to welcoming you in Montréal

The organizers,

Michèle Breton, Baris Vardar, Georges Zaccour

Nominations for Lamberson Award 2019

Call for nomination to Lamberson Award 2019
The Rollie Lamberson Award celebrates the contribution of Professor Emeritus Rollie Lamberson to the field of natural resource modeling and the growth of the Resource Modeling Association by recognizing each year the most outstanding paper in natural resource modeling in the previous two years. See or below for more details.

  • Only current RMA members are eligible for the award.
  • All papers published in Natural Resource Modeling during the previous two calendar years (namely 2017-2018) will be considered automatically provided at least one of the authors is a current member.
  • Papers published in other journals may be nominated for consideration provided at least one of the co-authors is a current member. To be considered, the submission must comprise:
  1. an electronic version of the paper in English,
  2. a nominating letter specifying why the paper is deserving of the Rollie Lamberson Award. Criteria below.

Send your nominations to <luc.doyen or to RMA contact from the website. The submission for the 2019 award will be closed on February 14, 2019.

The Lamberson prize will be delivered to the winners during the 2018 RMA conference to be held in Canada during June, 2019.

World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling

The 2018 WCNRM held at the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, during 9-13 June 2018 is over and I want to sincerely thank Krishna Paudel and Yiming Liu and their colleagues for their organisational efforts in delivering a successful conference.

To all participants, please accept my sincere thanks for your individual and collective contributions either as a presenter, as a member of the audience, or as an organizer as these were greatly appreciated by the RMA Board and the broader Membership. As a follow up to the success of the conference, it would also be appreciated if you could:
  1. Follow the RMA networking activities and share scientific information on ResearchGate:,  Linkedin group:
  2. Consider submitting your manuscript to Natural Resource Modeling; our journal’s website is In particular,  Krishna Paudel will coordinate a special issue derived from the WCNRM 2018 conference.
  3. Visit RMA’s website at;
  4. Plan to attend the next WCNRM conference to be held in Montreal (Canada) on May 22-24, 2019.
  5. Consider joining the RMA if you are not currently a member?  Our fees are modest. To join, visit
In Montreal, Canada in 2019 there will doubtless once again be a terrific line-up of interesting speakers and some great opportunities for social interaction among like minded researchers. I recommend that you start thinking about attending and make a commitment to participate, catching up with old acquaintances or expanding your research network. Those of you who have joined me and most of the RMA Board in conferences past can attest to the enjoyment experienced during these meetings with their relaxed, friendly, and collegiate atmosphere in locations which provide access to magnificently diverse natural environments. Students, early career researchers, and those with substantial experience and achievement,  intermingle in an unpretentious manner which is why many of us have kept coming back each year. I sincerely hope that you will join me at our next meeting and look forward to seeing you in Montreal in 2019.
Most sincerely,
Luc Doyen, President RMA.

Welcome to the RMA

The Resource Modeling Association was established over a quarter of a century ago and is unique among scientific societies because it brings together scientists and mathematicians from a diverse range of disciplines with a common interest in studying natural resources from a sustainable-use perspective. The natural resources of our planet are under incredible pressure to supply burgeoning human needs and this will only continue to increase.  Challenges are ever-present to ensure that resource use remains sustainable and that vital ecosystem services critical for our well-being, species biodiversity essential for the well-being of the global ecosystem, and ecosystem resilience to perturbation are conserved as far as practicable through responsible action. Such action must be informed and it is here that the integration of the quantitative and biological sciences can play a determining role.

Half a year has passed since we held our 20th annual meeting in Bordeaux, France where participants were treated to a superb and diverse range of presentations about the practical application of modeling to real world problems within a convivial collegiate atmosphere of friendly exchange of ideas and opinions. Preparations are now well advanced for our next meeting in June 2016.

I encourage you to consider joining with like-minded people and becoming a member of the RMA to assist you to grow your own professional network and participate in being part of the solution to the global challenge of natural resource management.


Luc Doyen

RMA President