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Conference in Copenhagen on strong user rights in fisheries

Copenhagen University’s Department for Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) is organizing a conference on strong user rights in fisheries in autumn. Conference on advantages and disadvantages of strong user rights in fisheries | University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science (easysignup.com) Deadline for submission of abstracts is 1. July, 2023. Abstracts shall be sent to fje@ifro.ku.dk

Guangzhou 2018

As in the past, the World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling (WCNRM) brought together scientists and stakeholders interested in mathematical and numerical modeling of renewable and exhaustible resources. The WCNRM provided a forum for exchanging ideas on modeling issues related to environmental and natural resources. The WCNRM 2018 was co-organized by Resource Modeling Association and […]

Call for nomination for the Lamberson Award 2017

The Rollie Lamberson Award celebrates the contribution of Professor Rollie Lamberson to the field of natural resource modeling and the growth of the Resource Modeling Association by recognizing each year the most outstanding paper in natural resource modeling in the previous two years. See  http://resourcemodeling.org/lamberson/ or below for more details.  Only current RMA members are […]