The Resource Modeling Association (RMA) was founded in the early 1980s by a group of applied mathematicians, applied population biologists, fisheries scientists, and resource economists, primarily from the West coast of North America to organize annual meetings to discuss the application of models to resource management.

Since then, the Association has extended its meeting activities to be international in scope. Recent meetings have been held across North America, in Mexico, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

The RMA has published the international journal Natural Resource Modeling since 1986. A flyer describing the journal is here.

The RMA also has a standing committee on resource policy issues, whose responsibility it is to maintain a membership expertise data base. This data base is available to organizations trying to identify scientists whom they can consult on resource management and policy issues. A newsletter is published periodically with information concerning member activities.

Mission Statement of the Resource Modeling Association

The RMA is an international association of scientists working at the intersection of mathematical modeling, environmental science, and natural resource management. We formulate and analyze models to understand and inform the management of renewable and exhaustible resources. We are particularly concerned with the sustainable utilization of renewable resources and their vulnerability to anthropogenic and other disturbances.