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World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling

The 2018 WCNRM held at the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, during 9-13 June 2018 is over and I want to sincerely thank Krishna Paudel and Yiming Liu and their colleagues for their organisational efforts in delivering a successful conference.

To all participants, please accept my sincere thanks for your individual and collective contributions either as a presenter, as a member of the audience, or as an organizer as these were greatly appreciated by the RMA Board and the broader Membership. As a follow up to the success of the conference, it would also be appreciated if you could:
  1. Follow the RMA networking activities and share scientific information on ResearchGate:,  Linkedin group:
  2. Consider submitting your manuscript to Natural Resource Modeling; our journal’s website is In particular,  Krishna Paudel will coordinate a special issue derived from the WCNRM 2018 conference.
  3. Visit RMA’s website at;
  4. Plan to attend the next WCNRM conference to be held in Montreal (Canada) on May 22-24, 2019.
  5. Consider joining the RMA if you are not currently a member?  Our fees are modest. To join, visit
In Montreal, Canada in 2019 there will doubtless once again be a terrific line-up of interesting speakers and some great opportunities for social interaction among like minded researchers. I recommend that you start thinking about attending and make a commitment to participate, catching up with old acquaintances or expanding your research network. Those of you who have joined me and most of the RMA Board in conferences past can attest to the enjoyment experienced during these meetings with their relaxed, friendly, and collegiate atmosphere in locations which provide access to magnificently diverse natural environments. Students, early career researchers, and those with substantial experience and achievement,  intermingle in an unpretentious manner which is why many of us have kept coming back each year. I sincerely hope that you will join me at our next meeting and look forward to seeing you in Montreal in 2019.
Most sincerely,
Luc Doyen, President RMA.

5 new jobs!

See 5 adverts for 5 new positions to work in my ERC team on data assimilation, ocean modelling and
ocean observations. Please send them around to potential candidates,
or post them in places you see fit.

Peter Jan

PS PDRA means postdoc…

PDRA Causality

PDRA Data Assimilation

PDRA Ocean Modelling & Data Assimilation

PDRA Ocean Observation Analysis

Computational Scientist